bel8‘The opportunity to study a small colony of wild red squirrels seemed just too good to miss.’

Peter Trimming documents a small colony of wild native red squirrels from autumn 2012 to summer 2015. His research is based at Forest How, which is situated in Eskdale, Cumbria. During his research, Peter witnesses a devastating outbreak of squirrel pox. This resulted in the loss of the entire adult population of the colony.

Despite this, a few of the younger squirrels, born in the spring of 2014, survive and begin to rebuild the colony. They emerge in guesthouse gardens from the
late summer of 2014. Amongst these young squirrels is a female named ‘Belinda’, who Peter starts to watch more closely.

His charming book not only contains intimate details about this colony but multiple full-colour photos of his adorable subjects, in amazing detail.


The book is available 25/08/2016 for £12.95 and available in Hardback.

ISBN: 9781910878552


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A few photographs from the book…